Senior Life Membership (65 and over)

Thank you for inquiring about the Senior Life membership option. Life membership is a permanent membership designed to provide continuous benefits and special options to        life members.

As a Senior Life member, you will receive a lapel pin, window decal and four-color art-print certificate to display your lifetime commitment to MU. These items celebrate your completed life membership payment.

For life, you are entitled to all benefits provided to MAA members. These include an annual calendar, special life member gifts, discounts at alumni events and much more! With your membership card, you'll get discounts on goods and services from a growing number of Mid-Missouri and national businesses.

Remember, you don't have to be a Mizzou graduate to join; all friends, fans, faculty, parents and supporters are welcome!

You can use this form to pay for a Senior Life membership (lump sum). Please visit this link for other payment options.

  Life Membership Options Individual/Dual 
  Endowed Life (standard) $1,000/1,500
  Loyalty Endowed Life (annual member of 5 years or more)         $800/1,200
  Senior Life 65+ (must be paid in lump sum)  $500/750

Thank you for your continued support of MU and the Mizzou Alumni Association.

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