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We are your number #1 Mizzou Super Fans!!!  My husband and I are both Mizzou Alums!!!  We even went so far to name our first son, Corby, after the Great Mizzou Quarterback, Corby Jones.  Our son's bedroom and bathroom are completed decorated in black in gold.  Our son has numerous autographs on his hats that are placed on his bed from the Great Players of Corby Jones, his namesake, Coach Gary Pinkel, Brad Smith, and many more.    
To fly from sunny Southern California to enjoy my tiger football is worth every raindrop!   

Donna Coerver Guzowski
Education 1964
In 2007 I single-handedly recruited 140 new members for the Tiger Scholarship Fund, resulting in over $40,000 in donations.  That was more new members than the entire TSF staff combined got signed up  and I was awarded Tiger Scholarship Fund 2007 Volunteer Recruiter of the Year Award !  Additionally, I was featured in an article in the Kansas City Star for my personal efforts to "Keep the Red Out" of Memorial Stadium on 10/6/2007 when our FB Tigers faced Nebraska.    
My name is MIZZOUPER MAN and I consider myself a Mizzou Super Fan. I beleive I have what it takes to be deemed Missouri's number one super fan. According to the contest description a super fan is to bleed black and gold and let's everyone know it. I do not think there is a fan today that could argue that MIZZOUPER MAN does not fit this description spot on.   
I am a Missouri fan because I graduated from MU and I live in Missouri.  My daughters and their husbands are Mizzou alum also.  There is such excitement when you are a member of the crowd at a Missouri game... the crowd is electric and the action is unsurpassed.  We have been in attendance at (at least) a football game and a basketball game each year since our first daughter went off to college there.    
Here are a few photos from my Mizzou football career to express my love for Mizzou.  We love to tailgate especially at away games where we stick out and can show what Mizzou spirit is about.  The farthest we have driven was to San Antonio this last December for the Big 12 Championship.  I've given up my hair and a clean record for Mizzou.  We are the loudest in the stadium and in the parking lot at home or away.  No one has more spirit than this guy.  

Thank you and M-I-Z

Benjamin Keith     
COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) – True love can be found in the strangest places.

 During college, Scott Rosenberg and his buddies made a habit of showing up hours early for every Mizzou game. The goal was front row seats. But Rosenberg landed an even bigger prize while waiting in the cold before the game against Indiana his senior year – he met his fiancée, Heather Reeves.

“I expected to get a lot out of Mizzou athletics,” Rosenberg said. “But I never expected romance.” 

Holding my autographed Brad Smith jersey, sitting underneath my Norm Stewart, Don Faurot and Dan Devine autographed pictures, I'm sitting in a house built around the ability to hang my most prized possessions, the tops of the old south scoreboards from Faurot Field. Stored for eight years until we built our house so we could have a piece of Faurot with us at all times. At our house it's always a great place to be a Tiger!

Bob Rippy
MU 74 
I am a diehard MIZZOU fan! At 60 years old, I work full-time, but I can not afford tickets for myself, son, grandson and granddaughter to attend the games so every week I’m hustling for the free tickets that the radio station gives away.  Guess what? We did not miss a game last season!  

You better believe I showed up to each of those games with Tiger pride.  I have MIZZOU t-shirts, sweatshirts, jacket, watch, tiger paw earrings, posters, pom poms and anything else that I can get my hands on.  
My husband and I are among thousands of season ticket holders, Alumni Association members, and loyal supporters.  Mizzou has the BEST fans anywhere.  We all bleed black and gold.  However, I feel I am THE Mizzou Super Fan.  To support my claim here are:


I WAS BORN A TIGER…on August 29, 1948, at Boone County Hospital in Columbia while my dad was attending Mizzou.

I EARNED 3 DEGREES FROM MIZZOU…a BSEd in 1970, a MSEd in 1974, and EdSp in 1983.
I am a true Mizzou fan.  I came to Mizzou from Pennsylvania to go to the #1 Journalism School in the country (the first in the world!), and I never went back (well, except for holidays and visits).  I started a list of things that point to my fanaticism, and it goes on and on and on.  So here's just a sampling of proof, not in any particular order:

*I led our wedding party in a rousing rendition of the Mizzou Fight Song at our wedding reception. 
*I only buy black or gold vehicles   
Are you looking for a Mizzou Super Fan?! Well your search is over because I AM A MIZZOU SUPER FAN!!  I'm a junior here at Mizzou and have always been in the student cheering sections such as Tigers Lair, Zou Crew, and Volley Zou.  Football is by far my favorite sporting event though.  I have sat in the front row on the 50 yard line and painted my chest for every home football game, except one, for the past three years.  It doesn't matter if it's burning hot or freezing cold, I will be there.  
I am writing to you on behalf of my boyfriend and current MU student, Dave Zobrist. Dave comes from a family of Mizzou graduates, and it really shines through in his personality. BUT, Dave is not your typical superfan. He does not paint his face or stand out in the crowd at a sporting event. What makes Dave unique is that he has a detailed record of former football and basketball games and outcomes in his head! You could sit down and quiz Dave about any score, players and their numbers.  







I consider myself a long-term Mizzou Super Fan who has had the opportunity to be "up close and personal" with the football, basketball, baseball and alumni programs since enrolling at Missouri in 1950, graduating with a BJ in 1954, and returning to Mizzou for graduate school in 1957 after military service as a U.S. Army artillery officer.

We Are Mizzou Super Fans!

My husband, Bob, and I met when we were students at Mizzou in the 70’s; we were married in 1985 at A.P. Green Chapel on the University campus.  We have 4 children; the first to be enrolled at MU, will be a freshman this fall.  They, like us, bleed Black and Gold because they were raised on Black and Gold.  Each year, we choose a place on campus to take our Christmas card picture.  From Beetle Bailey’s carved table to the short lived Paige Sports Arena.  
I am nominating my husband, Chris Cooper, for the Mizzou Super Fan contest.

Chris’s super Fan status all started in the 1950’s while growing up in mid-Illinois.  His parents and no one around him were Mizzou alumni or fans.  No one, not even Chris, can explain his life long love for Mizzou.

Here’s what I can tell you...

-He has awesome Missouri scrapbooks.  As a young boy he spent every Sunday putting the scrapbooks together.    
I am THE MIZZOU SUPER FAN!!!  When I was a Sophomore I decided I wanted to be Blackout Truman the Tiger for the Football Blackout games!  And low and behold I spent my Thankgiving Break thinking up a brillant plan to make my costume.  I switched the black and gold colors on Truman's costume and Rooooaaarrrr, I got Blackout Truman the Tiger!!  I was featured on the Jumbotron at the game last year and this year.  I was on ESPN last year because of the great costume.  
My fiance and I are 'The MIZZOU SUPER FANS.'  We graduated in 05' and during our years at Mizzou we went to just about evey football and baketball game possible.  We had season tickets evey year. Our favorite memory of a football game was rushing the field at the Mizzou vs. Nebraska game.  We took part in carrying the goal post through campus to Harpos.  Our favorite basketball memory was the last home game of our senior year, MU vs KU and we beat them and all of the students rushed the court.    
My son Tommy is a HUGE Mizzou football fan.  While on our annual family vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida we went to watch the sunset on the evening of the Big 12 Championship game.  When we arrived at the Mucky Duck my husband asked our six-year old son, Tommy, if he would like a Shirley Temple to drink while we waited for the sun to set.  Tommy thought for a minute and told us that he was no longer drinking Shirley Temples.  Instead, he would have a "Tony Temple." 
Tiger fans show their stripes
The Kansas City Star
DALLAS | By the time Mike Doak parked his SUV and its myriad Mizzou accessories in the Cotton Bowl lot Tuesday morning, he was well over any disappointment about a BCS snub.

Doak, a 1976 Missouri alumnus and Lee’s Summit resident, was with his wife and daughter, old friends and new friends, ready to watch the Tigers in their first New Year’s Day game since the 1970 Orange Bowl.

Am I a Mizzou Super Fan?  I would say that I am.  There are many reasons for this.  Let’s start with the beginning of last year.  During the fall, I attended every single football and volleyball game.  For football, I was in the Tiger’s Lair and always arrived to sit outside the stadium at least three hours ahead of game time in order to sit front row on the fifty yard line.  There was footage of me on TV at every game.  Then there was volleyball, in which I participated in VolleyZou.   
I am a Super Fan because I keep interested thru Tiger Scholarship Fund and attending games and watching games while suffering from all the incredible disappointments in MIZZOU history, the embarrassments like Mike Alden’s firing of Quin Snyder and the Ricky Clemons fiasco. I face the verbal abuse and mockery everyday while living in the KU town of Kansas City. I show loyalty with MIZZOU personalized plates, clothing, jewelry, and outspoken loyalty each day.   
I graduated from Mizzou in 1980!  Born and raised in St. Louis, living in Branson now, but recently began working in Harrison, Arkansas...of all places!!! I am the store manager for the JC Penney Store in Harrison, and the only Mizzou fan, needless to say!  I post all of your emails on my office door, and walk around humming our fight song.  I have a tiger tail hanging out of my trunk, and  just hope that my car doesn't get keyed in the parking lot!!    
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