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The Mizzou Alumni Association would like to thank the donors of the initial 609 bricks for contributing more than $245,000 for Phase One of the Mizzou Legacy Walk.  
The first 609 bricks were laid outside the north door to the Reynolds Alumni Center.  
The walkway on a sunny fall day. Additional landscaping will be added in the coming years.  
The Mizzou Legacy Walk is MU's newest campus landmark and should fill up with inscribed bricks in a few years. At that time the Legacy Walk has the potential to have generated more than one million dollars in contributions.    
Mums decorated the walkway as part of Homecoming weekend.  
As the dedication ended guests lingered on the walkway catching up with friends and peers.  
The Bates County Mizzou Club served their signature kettle corn at the dedication.  
Refreshments were served at the dedication, including special cookies made in the form of Legacy Walk bricks.
Dedication guests were invited to walk down the Mizzou Legacy Walk and discover their brick.  
Alan Purdy, BS '38, MA, '39, poses near his brick at the dedication.  
The Legacy Walk bricks were covered for the grand unveiling.  
Todd McCubbin, Executive Director of the Mizzou Alumni Association, acted as the Master of Ceremonies for the Mizzou Legacy Walk Dedication on October 19, 2007.
Roger Wehrli, 2007 Homecoming Grand Marshal, was on hand to see his Legacy Walk brick.  
The Columbia Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors helped with a ribbon-cutting.  
MAA President Titus Blackmon was a featured speaker at the dedication ceremony.  
There is still time to add your brick to the Mizzou Legacy Walk!

Bricks will be installed twice a year in time for May Commencement and Homecoming. Order your brick by March 1, 2008 to have it installed before May 2008 Commencement.

To order go online to www.mizzou.com.

Net proceeds of the Mizzou Legacy Walk go toward the MAA Student Scholarship Endowment.  
Now that the stonework is done it is time for MU Landscape Services to take over the work site and complete the job in time for a dedication ceremony planned for October 19th at 2 p.m. Please join us for a brief ceremony and refreshments on the walkway.  
Inscribed bricks from the first phase of this 2-4 year project are being laid closest to the Reynolds Alumni Center doors.  
On September 28th the final set of bricks were installed.  
Brick installation proceeded quickly throughout the day.  
Half-size bricks, some with the MU logo, highlight the edges of the rows of brick.  
On September 26th the brick installation began. Blank bricks fill the end of the walkway. As additional participants join the walkway project blank bricks will be replaced by new inscribed bricks.  
With all the granite markers in place the next step was installation of the bricks.  
The additional granite markers list the six guideposts of the Mizzou Alumni Association: Discovery, Diversity, Pride, Respect, Responsibility and Tradition.  
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