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Photo Album Name: Follow this St. Louis native through her freshman year at Mizzou.

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This weekend was Easter, and I did not end up coming home for this holiday. The time constraints were a little more demanding on this holiday since the school did not give us any additional days off (like for Labor day). Plus, with our dance practice for Greek week and the many end of the year presentations and projects I have to do this weekend, it would have been too stressful for me to come home for such a short time. However, I still received a package just in time for Easter.  
I walked by my mailbox on Wednesday, and I saw that I had a package. I had received flowers from my pledge mom in my sorority and a bag of candy! That nice thoughtful gift really brightened my day, and I currently have them in my room. The biggest problem I had was finding where to put them, so I cut the top off of a 2 liter bottle of soda we had, transferred the soda to various water bottles, and I made myself a perfectly sized vase for my flowers!  
This week was the week before Greek Week which is a week long event where sororities and fraternities are paired up to compete in various sports, philanthropy events, giving blood, Quiz bowls, and a skit and dance. One of the events that took place this past week was giving blood. I was planning on giving, and I brought a friend of mine with me to give for my sorority house too. However, my pulse was too high to give because I was too nervous (the same thing happened to me last year).   
This weekend was fun, as we all took a break for the studying we had to do for out first physics exam. I am always nervous for my first exam in each class each year, but now that the first exam is over, I won’t worry quite as much for the next few, since I will know what exactly to expect and how to study better.  
The MU gymnastics team is ranked really high (I think 7th), and this Friday was an adopt-a-gymnast program. This is where a group or club sponsors a gymnast on the team. Many different sororities were involved in addition to SWE, AASB, and other organizations. This is a great way to promote the smaller athletic teams and it was fun to watch the amazing gymnasts compete against Iowa State’s gymnast team. Each organization made signs for their gymnast and afterwards everyone got to eat pizza.  
This week for something different to eat, my roommate and I drove to the store and bought a frozen pizza to heat up. Our dorm had a kitchen in the basement and so we brought our homework downstairs and did homework while cooking pizza. It was better than our usual late night snacks, which are usually chips and salsa, macaroni and cheese, or pretzels and peanut butter. All of the people doing laundry were jealous of our pizza since the entire basement smelled like the pizza!  
One night this week my friends and I were really hungry one night when it was really late. While many places close somewhat early this diner is known for being open in the wee hours of the night, which is very advantageous for hungry college kids like us.    
This week had some really nice days, so my roommate and I tossed a football around on the Quad. The first week of school is typically not very stressful so we take advantage of this time by doing things we never get to do throughout the hectic school year. We also have taken advantage of all of the free classes offered by the Rec Center for the first week of school.  
The Monday we got back to school was the biggest basketball game of the season. We played our rival team, KU, and won! The score was 89-86 after overtime! The crowed rushed the court to help the team celebrate the sweet victory!  
Although there are movie theaters at Mizzou, I have only been once since there are always other things to be involved in. During my breaks I usually end up (at least once) at the movies with some friends to see some good movies. I saw Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey, and it was a cute, light, romantic comedy.  
On my way home for spring break I packed up a car load full of some items that I can take home. In preparation for moving out at the end of the year, some people took home their carpets, but I stuck with a few drawers and a lot of clothes (I have to switch my wardrobe for spring!) After a few trips to my car to load it up, I was very excited to be home and relax and see my family for a week!  
This week, for some reason, the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile was driving around campus. For the majority of the week it was parked in front on the speaker’s circle, and it attracted many people by the free giveaway of the whistles. The giant hot dog ended at our dorm’s parking lot and some lucky people even got to take a ride in it.  
As soon as all of my stuff was put in its place a bunch of people from the dorm went to get our books for this semester. I was surprised that mine were so cheap! Last semester my books were over $500, and this semester they are only around $200. That is just a little something that makes your day a lot better because I think it is pointless to spend money on books, especially when you get very little money back when you return them at the end of the semester!  
Once I arrived back at school I had the task of putting away all of the clothes, Christmas presents, and other stuff I brought from home. One item I brought back is a lint brush, as you can see me and my roommate testing out. It works very well and it is one of these items that you’d never think you’d use, but it really comes in handy.  
My sister, Jeanne, and her boyfriend, Rod, are now engaged! He proposed to her on their trip to Key West, and she called us with the great news that night. This break has been very exciting-wedding wise-for my family, and I am very excited to see all of the wedding plans fall into place.  
My Dad came up this weekend to participate in the Merrill Lynch Triathlon. My brother participated as well, as he is in the picture showing off his amazing biker’s tan! This was a Race for Sight and the transitioning period was held on Stankowski field. I was there to take pictures, but I am really looking into maybe participating in the race next year because it was a lot of fun!  
Our last sorority function was this past weekend at the winery. It was really pretty to watch the sun set, so a bunch of us spent the whole time taking pictures before the sun went down. It was fun to be with all the girls that you had become friends with throughout the year before summer, most of whom you did not know at all at the beginning of the year.   
On Friday I helped out at an SAE Golf Tournament. This is the major fundraiser for one of the fraternities on campus. I spent my time taking money from the alumni golfers as they placed bets on their hole. I also took bids for the silent auction they had going on. It was a pretty golf course really close to campus and it was nice to be outside on such a nice day.   
For my CLC class, our final class was spent participating is a competition. It began be giving each of up a piece of a puzzle, in which we had to piece them together to solve the first clue. We had to solve 3 more clues, which eventually lead to our final destination at Stephens Park, which is where we had a barbeque. This class was a yearlong class so everyone in it became pretty close friends by the end of the year.   
I am loving the end of the school year because all of the organizations that you are involved in like to have end of the year meetings over food! I have been to several restaurants over the past two weeks to talk about the upcoming year over a free meal. The organizations that I had to meet to discuss the upcoming school year were the Society of Woman Engineers, CLC Recruitment Coordinator and Engineering Ambassadors.  
This weekend my sorority had its Mom’s weekend. It was a lot of fun and both of my sisters cam up with my mom and we all three spent the day together by getting pedicures, shopping, eating lunch, bidding on items in our house’s silent auction, going to church, and we then met up with our brother for a night at the Artisan. The whole day was a success, despite the rainy weather, and it was nice to spend time with my family!  
It hasn’t really hit anyone up here that we will only be up here for 2 more weeks; we have 1 week of class remaining and 1 week of finals. My freshman year here at Mizzou is almost over! The time has gone by so quickly and there is simply not enough time left up here to do all the things that I want to do with all or my friends. It is always nice to take lots of pictures with your friends so you can look back at them over the summer and call them up and talk about the fun things that you did!  
With the warm weather outside, our dorm pool just opened a few weeks ago. I am fortunate enough to live in the only dorm on campus that has a pool. It is also heated and a lot of people swim in the pool throughout the week, and some just lie out and get some sun.  
On Friday night we cheered for our house for the Greek Week games. Our house (along with the two other fraternities we were paired with) played soccer against another set of houses on Stankowski Field. It was a lot of fun because there were so many people who were really pumped about these games and the entire sidelines was packed with students cheering on their teams. We won this game 2-0, so we play on Sunday morning as well.  
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