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Photo Album Name: The 14th annual review of the primary student organization leaders at Mizzo

Nick Trusty, 2005 Department of Student Communications Director
Junior, Philosophy

(not pictured: Matt Sokoloff, Director Student Services and Nick Gertsema, Director Student Activities)  
Dustin Hampton
Triangle Coalition President
Senior, Psychology
Sarah Skaggs
Student Union Programming Board Chairperson
Junior, Marketing
Matt Bomberger/ Jennifer Capra
Summer Welcome 2006 Coordinators
Junior, Advertising/ Senior, Biological Engineering
Mike Ekey (right) 
STRIPES Director
Senior, Journalism

Victor Roberto / Shannon Smith, Assistant Directors
Junior, Journalism/ Junior, Journalism
Tim Hilton
Student Athletic Board President
Senior, History/English
Justin Ginter
Residence Halls Association President
Junior, Political Science

Jennifer Williams
Vice President
Sophomore, Biochemistry
Jennifer Watkins
PanHellenic Association President
Senior, Textile and Apparel Management  
Christopher Jefferson
National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc., President
Senior, Philosophy
Cheryl Tomes
2005 Missouri Students Association Vice President
Senior, Finance
John Andersen
2005 Missouri Students Association Senate Speaker
Junior, Business
Anton Luetkemeyer
2005 Missouri Students Association President
Senior, Political Science
Michael Pohlman
President Marching Mizzou
Senior, Secondary Education
Jenna Youngs
Maneater Editor in Chief
Junior, Journalism

Tom Finley
Business Manager 
Junior, Advertising Journalism
Meggan Marberry
Legion of Black Collegians President
Senior, Business
Kathleen Langle
KCOU General Manager
Senior, Fine-Arts (Graphic Design)/English
Byung Jae Kim
Missouri International Student Council President
Junior, Economics
Cameron Hill
Interfraternity Council President
Senior, Marketing
Lindsey Porlier / Trenton Moss / Diane Crowe 
Homecoming Tri-Directors
Senior, Business / Senior, Business / Senior, Secondary Education-Math
Craig Kleine
ASUM Board of Directors Board Chair
Senior, Political Science  
Mark Beard / Steven Schuster
Graduate Professional Council President / Vice President
3rd year medical student/4th year medical student
Christian Badger
Alumni Association Student Board President
Senior, Marketing

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