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<i>Kevin:</i> This is a group photo of my external relations committee on the Alumni Association Student Board. It was taken at our recent retreat in Holt Summit. As you can tell from the picture, external relations are #1. We were dominating a game of Mizzou AASB Jeopardy, only to have the victory snatched from our grasp on a questionable final round clue late in the game. The weekend, however, was a great time for all of us to get away from Columbia and evaluate the progress of our organizatio  
<i>Kristin:</i> This weekend I was lucky to come home and celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday with Kevin and the whole family. We heard some great Mizzou stories because my grandparents, Harvey and Jean, first met when they were both on campus in the '40s. The Ag School's barnwarming was their first date! Kevin and I attended barnwarming on Friday night and told them how much fun the event still is today.  
<i>Kevin:</i> Pictured are two of my brothers working on our Homecoming float outside of town. Left is Jake Schlitt and right is Jeff Baumann. Someone forgot the grill to cook the bratwurst, so Jake and Jeff decided to use some resourcefulness. They substituted the grill with an oxy/acetylene torch and half of an aluminum can. I guess when you are that hungry, anything tastes good ...     
<i>Kevin:</i> This is one of my brothers doing a fine impersonation of Christopher Columbus, posted mainly here for embarrassment purposes only. Ladies...I'm sure that you would never believe that he is single!  
<i>Kevin:</i> Kristin called me before the football game against Troy to tell me that her sister was going to deliver a surprise to me after the game. So, after a fun-filled day of tailgating (and beating the heck out of Troy), I called her sister to bring my surprise. As you can see from the picture, the surprise was that Kristin flew home for the weekend! We went out to McNally's with some friends to a 'Halfway to St. Patrick's Day' party, which was an incredible time. We got a ton of free stu  
<i>Kevin:</i> This is our tailgate, which was located behind the American Red Cross building. Due to the ambition of a few of our most experienced tailgaters, we were able to get a spot in the grass. It almost felt like we were back on Reactor Field, tailgating just like when we were freshmen. However, all of the dusty and graveled pay-to-park lots brought us back to the reality that Reactor Field is long gone. Not to worry ... we can still have a good time on gravel, too.  
<i>Kristin:</i> This is a picture of us on our balcony before we go out to a restaurant on the resort for some fine dining.  
<i>Kristin:</i> Saturday of Homecoming weekend was really busy with getting up for the parade and meeting up with all our family throughout the day. Here, Kevin and I stop for a Kodak moment at Tiger Plaza before having lunch with the family at the MUAA tailgate. We were even reminiscing about how I camped out with other AASB'rs the first night the tiger was in Columbia! That was around Homecoming three years ago!  
<i>Kristin:</i> It was great to come back for my first official Homecoming as an alumna. I got a chance to visit with lots of friends who have also graduated and moved away from the area. Here I am with Julianne, my "little sis" from my sorority! We met up and Campus Decs and then headed downtown to a special party with our friends at the Penguin piano bar. It was a great way to kick off the weekend of festivities!  
<i>Kevin:</i> This is a picture of my parents and my grandparents at the Homecoming Parade.  From left: My mother Denise, father Gary, Grandpa Earl, and Grandma Shirley. They had a great weekend viewing house decs, the parade, and attending the Homecoming game. They also got to see Kristin ride in the parade as her reign as queen came to a close.  
<i>Kevin:</i> Pictured is our house dec from Homecoming. We had the honor to be paired with the women of Alpha Delta Pi. We were very proud of our accomplishments, even though the judges weren't very cooperative. Our theme was the Flintstones, complete with special effects courtesy of Dino the Dinosaur.  
<i>Kristin:</i> Charlotte has the most confusing roads of any place I've ever been! It's hard to see, but this is a picture of Queens road in Charlotte, a road that actually intersects itself! Tell that to any professor of geography!  
<i>Kristin:</i> This is the building that I work in some days. Other days I have meetings out of town, or I am jet-setting across the country to our corporate headquarters. Mizzou's campus is much prettier, but I will hang my 'Tiger on the Quad' picture in my office soon, so that will make me feel at home!  
<i>Kristin:</i> Over Labor Day weekend, a friend threw me a bridal shower. My cousin Sallie and one of my flower girls helped me open the beautiful gifts. This great Mizzou cutting board was a gift from Kevin's aunt, also a Mizzou grad! She knows us SO well! It's almost too pretty to use. I'll have to find a place of honor for it in the apartment so that we can display our black and gold pride!  
<i>Kevin:</i> Pictured are myself and three of my AGR brothers from our initiate class of 2002. This is the fourth straight year that we have been tailgating together. Joe Don was the chef for the day, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for all of the brothers and our guests. While the Tigers faltered against New Mexico, we are looking forward to our rematch with Troy next week. From L to R: Reid Riley, myself, Joe Don McGaugh and David Winfrey.  
<i>Kevin:</i> I went to the Mizzou vs. ASU game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., on Saturday, September 3. The Tigers started the season off with a bang, outscoring the Indians 44-17. Kristin was also home for the holiday weekend, but she had to pick out flowers for the wedding. Although I wish I could have joined her at the flower shop, my 50-yard line tickets for the game (and tailgating at the best NFL stadium in the league) were just too good to pass up! Pictured is the video board   
<i>Kevin:</i> Here is another picture from the bachelor party of Hank (left) and Brandt (right). It just wouldn't have been a proper party without the jumbo cigars, which I'm pretty sure I can still taste once in awhile.  
<i>Kevin:</i> This is what my house looked like the night after my bachelor party in Appleton City. In addition to my friends and family from back home, about a dozen AGRs came down from Columbia for the event. I think that is safe to say a good time was had by all.  
<i>Kevin:</i> This is picture is of David (middle) and myself posing with our newest MU Homecoming King Cory Robinson (far left). All of us were very proud of him, as he is extremely deserving of the honor. I now can say that I have both a Homecoming Queen and a Homecoming King in my cell phone, which is pretty cool I think.  
<i>Kevin:</i> This is a picture of most of the Ag Rho senior class at our recent Hayride. It is a tradition of ours to take a class picture at our parties. We still aren't sure who the mountain man is that got in on this picture, but we let him stay at the party anyway.  
<i>Kevin:</i> This is a picture of all of my brothers and myself at the MUAA tailgate that made the long road trip to Boulder, CO, for the football game. We had a great time dogging on Kansas for the approximate 12 hours that we spent driving across it. Wow, that state really sucks (see, it never stops). We had some great times on the trip, despite the fact that our Tigers were on the wrong side of our second road whoopin' in a row.  
<i>Kristin:</i> This is a picture of sunrise from our ocean view room (which I believe was definitely worth the upgrade fee).  
<i>Kevin:</i> Several of my fraternity brothers made the trip down to Clinton for our wedding and reception. We are pictured here with some of my closest friends, the members of my Ag Rho initiate class of 2002.  
<i>Kevin:</i> Kristin and I were married on November 19 in Clinton, MO. Here we are pictured enjoying a relaxing dance at the reception, as we are surrounded by friends and family. Stay tuned for some great pictures from the honeymoon!  
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