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Wow, guys what are you looking at? That's Zo, Porscha, G, Kenneth, Sean, and Brandon all looking at Brandon's photo album after eating at El Rancho's on Saturday night. That's right, we decided to haul the old people to El Rancho. It was actually good. I hadn't had real food for a while, so it was welcoming. In other news, literally ... I made anchor for 23News, hopefully we'll start taping shows in two weeks. Also, I have a huge French test coming up on Tuesday. I am really worried about it.    
What happened? Those were the first words out of my CA's (community advisor's) mouth!!! One morning everyone awoke to the door on the far end of the hall on the third floor looking like this. Apparently, someone took a little too much anger out on our poor little door. Well, no one knows who did it! But, this is the type of stuff that occasionally happens in college dorms. Someone also broke one of our exit signs. It was a really interesting weekend!  
I got my tickets for the sports pass finally! Im sitting in section DD, Row 28, Seat 13. Most likely I won't be sitting there though. HAHA! The first game is this Saturday. I will be going with a few friends and might be going to a party afterwards. That's definitely one thing about Mizzou I didn't realize ... people here like to have fun ... that's cool!  
This is my desk, I know it is a mess. I did get to cleaning it up today. That is before I still have 100 pages to read of Booker T. Washington's "Up From Slavery." It's cool though, because the book is really interesting. I like reading stuff that I am interested in. Other than that, I had a French quiz this week, I did okay on it. I'm doing pretty good actually. I am trying too!!! I have one big psychology exam next week; it's going to be a killer! On top of that, I have a five page paper due.  
Speakers circle, two words....you'll definitely hear more than two words if you ever walk past it. For the last couple of weeks, I have made numerous stops there. Between classes, lunch break or after class there's always something to do! Stop by speakers circle!!! Brother Jed and his crew are there every day "preaching" their beliefs. Many of the students choose to debate with them, and it's really entertaining. Today, his wife was preaching "The Condom Gospel." Funny stuff.  
I finally made it to Mizzou after the long 3 day trip up here. It was long, but very worth it! I am so glad to be here at Mizzou and I really like the place a lot. I mostly have all of my stuff unpacked, those boxes are for my roommate. I am trying to get adjusted to living on my own ... which can be interesting. I have realized that my parents are no where around here.  
I am trying to start this thing called packing. I am never organized when packing. I have five bags that I'm going to try to stuff every thing in. Then, I'll put the other miscellaneous things in boxes. As much as I hate packing, I am surprised that I have started this early. Friends told me it's good to start early and do a little bit at a time because it catches up with you. So far, I have one bag almost completely full.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! I don't really celebrate it on the day, but we took this picture at a Delta Chi party on Saturday. It was the best party I have been to at Mizzou. I think it was because my Mom and Dad were there. Not really, but hey, we look like it in the picture. It's Zo and Porcshe' with the bad child--Me. I enjoyed the party and enjoyed seeing everyone have a great night. Time to get back to work as I had a French test today, that I don't think I did so hot on...and a Psych test on Fri  
MIZZOU BASKETBALL IS ON THE MOVE!!! I picked up my tickets for the first 8 home games today. Yes, I had to march all the way over to Mizzou Arena Ticket Office to get them too! It was kinda far, but I made it. I cannot wait to start going to the games and hopefully watching victories! The first one is Wednesday, but I don't know if I am going yet. I have a Psych test on Friday; I might be studying instead.  
LAUNDRY!!! Mizzou has everything except personal maids! A maid would really be nice here! I hate doing laundry, and I don't do it often. So, whenever I do get a chance to do it...it looks like this---A LOT!! I washed 4 loads today, and it was not fun. Only thing I like about laundry is getting rid of it! For now, it's all gone...til next weekend that is!  
It's been forever Rene'!!! Rene' came down to visit friends and stuff at Mizzou for a while. It had been about a year since I had seen her. She was one of our dorm coordinators in a summer program I participated and now work for through work/study--AHANA. It's a summer journalism workshop for minority students. It was great to eat dinner with her and Brandon at Addison's. Great food downtown Columbia.  
TRUTH IS THAT FANTASIA AND KANYE CAME TO TOWN!!! Last night, I saw the best concert of the year! Kanye brought the house down especially. Sorry about the quality of the picture, that's the best I could get. We were way up there, but decided to move down. We managed to do it without getting caught! 

The best performances of the show were: "Touch the Sky," "Roses," "All Falls Down," and "GoldDigger". I hope Mizzou gets more BIG NAME ARTISTS in the future!!!   
Fall times are here, yea I am actually posting about this. I have never witnessed leaves changing colors like I have seen for the past couple of weeks here at Mizzou. I find this really fascinating. I stop people that I am walking with and start talking about this, and they are like "you've never seen that before?" I come from Louisiana, the leaves go from green to brown overnight. I am not really looking forward to 30-degree temperatures this weekend!!!  
GO TIGERS!.....and we won our homecoming game...just after we rolled out the Tigers came back in a very close game. I think the final was 27-24. It was a good game, with some surprises from the people I was sitting with. Well, Ben and Kim were supposed to have their moment. Instead, Sunny and Kenneth had one. Ben put a message on the jumbotron saying "Kim will you marry me, -Ben"....well Kenneth got a great idea and he acted as though he was Ben, and the whole crowd fell for it. It was hilarious  
The Flivver King ... Okay, so our history TA assigns us to read this book about the history of Ford. I suppose it will be somewhat interesting. It was a bit, but it was kind of sad too. Ford just abandons long-time employees when the stock market crashes and provides no assistance to starving former employees. One particular family, the Shutts, struggled throughout the whole book to make it through life. Good thing, I finished it in time for the quiz tomorrow. I think I'll do well on it.   
Texa...? What team is that? I have heard of Texas, and after this loss, I don't ever want to hear from them again. Yea, they got us. Oh well, we held up really competitively in the first half. The game was very long and it was kind of hot out for some reason. We stayed til the third quarter and just could not watch anymore of it, so we left. Final score was 51-20.  
My roommate Brandon and I pictured at anchor auditions for 23News. A couple other of our friends were there as well. Cierra and Vinti were behind the camera when we struck this pose. Isn't it hilarious? The auditions were very short and to the point. It's going to be fun reporting and anchoring for MUTV this year. I hope it provides me with more experience into broadcast.  
I went to Fall Fest today after class to see what was going on. In the Quad they had food, stepping and tables filled with organizations. I walked around and found me something to eat first. They ran out of free t-shirts. So, I missed that! I did get some delicious bar-be-que though. It was really good. The step show was also good. Pictured above are Me, G, and Kenneth.

Thanks Lola for taking this picture....I forgot my camera.  
Rachel, why are you reading at the "Lost Watch Party"? I mean come on...you and Brandon are the only ones that watch this show on our whole floor! I would expect you to be paying attention. I know it was a commercial break, yea yea yea. Anyway, they watched this show on ABC. I don't really have any clue as to why...but they did. This weekend should be a rather low-key one....I don't expect anything major out of it, there's no football game.   
Kanye who? Common who? Fantasia who? Yea...I'll be saying WHO on October 18th when I'll be in the Mizzou Arena with my ticket to see Kanye, Common, and Fantasia. We waited Sunday morning at the Hearnes Center to get our tickets. I'll be sitting next to my roommate Brandon. This concert better be worth it, I spent good money on that ticket! I just got his new album, and it is pretty good! He's got a lot of collaborations on there with great people. It'll be interesting to see if he makes anymore   
What a game it was this Saturday!!!! Mizzou won their second game 52-21. It was a long game too. On top of that I had like 4 hours of sleep the night before. I was really annoyed at how long it seemed to be. I watched the game with Kenneth and G....yea, we are trying to get our money's worth out of those 200 dollar sports passes we bought. Hopefully the Tigers will play like they played this past weekend when we battle against TEXAS not this weekend but, next!  
Shame on me, sorry for not updating my blog in a while, but I have been so busy at Howard University for the past two weeks. I am participating in a pre-college program, which is basically a four-week session of high school all over again. My Aunt wanted me to participate in the program, so I did. In a way, I am glad I participated and in others I felt very old. Most of the kids here are younger than I am, and I call them kids with all due respect, but they are.   
Well, I only have a month left until I head off to Mizzou. That month is probably going to go by super fast! I really don’t have a problem with that.
I am really anxious and ready to drive up to Mizzou!! My father and I decided that we are going to drive up a weekend earlier than classes start. It will allow me enough time to get everything I need to get in order in place and ready before class on August 22. What’s really sad is, I haven’t had time to buy anything for the dorm except this glass  
WOW! That's all I can think of right now after visiting Mizzou again. This past Monday and Tuesday I had Summer Welcome. Sorry the picture is so bland, but it is really all I had time to take. I arrived on Sunday, a day earlier because it was impossible to get out there in time for events on Monday. I arrived via Rochester, because my cousin got married on that Saturday. I flew through Chicago O'Hare, which is overrated to me ... it's really not all that!
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