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Photo Album Name: Photos and stories from Married MU grads.

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The Nails: Mike '02 & Shelly '00 (Beger)
Married: April 24, 2004
How they met: Met through a mutual friend while completing their undergraduate degrees.  
The Warfields: John '48,'49 and Rosamond '47 (Howe)
Married: February 2
How they met: We were both working at Miss Lottie Black's boarding house on 5th Street just south of the MU campus.
Favorite Memory: Sharing sandwiches on the front porch swing at the boarding house and listening to Beethoven's Passionata being played inside on the piano.  
The Ices: Everett ’93 and Pam ‘93
Married: December 7, 1990
How they met: We met at the Baptist Student Union.  A mutual friend, Debbie L., introduced us.  I was a sophomore and Pam was a freshman.  When my reserve unit in Columbia was activated for Desert Storm, we decided to get married.  In a rush, we got engaged on Tuesday and were married that Friday.  I left on Sunday December 9th, 1990 for Fort Knox and then came home the following April.  We were then able to graduate together in ’93.   
The Wisnevs: Donald ’49 & Marian ’50 (Murmann) 
Married: June 2, 1951
How they met: Met shortly after entering Mizzou, but didn’t begin dating until 1949, shortly before Don’s graduation.  Renewed our friendship in Political Parties class.  
The Webbers: Chris ‘1988 & Tori ’89 (Krysl) 
Married: August 3, 1991
How they met: We met in Martinsburg, MO at a wedding for a friend of Tori’s who happened to be a cousin to Chris.  The cousin was the bride and a co-worker of Tori’s.  The groom was a former roommate of Chris.
Favorite memory: Attending Homecoming as often as we can.  
The Stansberys: M. Wayne ’63 and Margaret '66 (Ponder)
Married: December 28, 1966  
The Aldermans/Langs: Kyle ’07 and Lauren ’07 
Anniversary Date: August 1
How they met: In math 14 in Waters Hall the first week of classes Freshman Year. We were both engineering Majors at the time.

Favorite Memory: Our Dinner Dates in Dobbs, Mizzou basketball games, and studying together.


The Taylors: Lee ’88 and Wendy (Langsam) ’87 
Married: February 3, 1990
How they met: We both live in Mark Twain Dorm and had classes together.

The Kunze’s: Kory ’97 and Holly ’97 (Schaefer)
Married: August 16, 1997
How they met:  We were set up by a mutual friend for Beta Theta Pi’s spring party, Pig Roast.  We never spent a day apart since!!
The McShanes: Daniel ’75 and Sherri ’75 (Chandler)
Married: December 19, 1975
How they met: Dan's dorm foor (5th floor Hudson) invited my dorm floor (1st floor Gillette) to a party.  I recognized him as being from my old high school and introduced myself.  We spent the rest of the party talking about mutual friends and our old high school.  The rest is history!
The Lehmans: Brad ’82 and Gigi (Daigle) ’82 
Married: October 27, 1984
My husband is from California and I'm from Florida (the states, not the towns in Missouri!) and we met in the middle at journalism school in Columbia, so we figured we were meant to be together!
My favorite Mizzou Match memory is having our youngest daughter at MU now in the Trulaske School of Business. We live in Texas and she received a Missouri Heritage Scholarship.   
The Kiehls:  Mark ’83 and Julie ’85 (Johnson)
Married:  June 8, 1985
How they met:  We had managerial accounting together with Sara Rider.  One day, as I was leaving class, this guy was standing by the door asking me what I was up to.  I told him I was working on a big paper in Operations Management for Dr. Ebert - (I loved his class  - he was great)   
The Mejias: Samuel ’82, ’84 and Kathy (Rogers) ’82 
Married: June 25, 1983
How they met: She was in my business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. We met during our junior semester winter when I pledged the fraternity in January. She tried to take my roses that I purchased from the greenhouse on campus at Middlebush for a different girl. It was cheap for them and because every other guy would have said “sure”.   
The Brockways:  Laurence and Jean ’81 (Cross)
Married:  October 7
How they met:  We met before we attended MU-In fact we were married when we went to MU.  When the band would play “Hey Baby”.  We still like to hear this at ballgames and our local high school band uses it during games.  We always look at each other when this happens.


The Millers:  Nathan ’04 and Breanna ’04 (Ennis)
Married:  August 28, 2004
The Williams’: Charles ’57 ’65 ’68 and Dolores ’55 (Vieten)
Married: August 19, 1956
How they met: At a square dance at the Student Union in January 1955
The Brengarths:  Rhett ’03 and Lauren (Bacon) ‘04
Married:  May 24, 2008
How they met:  We met our freshman year at Mizzou and were friends for seven years before we started dating!

Favorite Memory:  There are two!  First, the proposal which happened on the quad between Jesse and the Columns—and then our wedding day.  We took photos around campus and held the reception at Reynolds Alumni Center.


The McAlisters:  Kevin ’04 and Leslie (Shaw) ‘04
Married:  June 25  
The Greens: Gerald ’41 & Fern ’39 (Tydings) 
Married: June 24, 1941
How they met: Met at Moberly Junior College in September, 1936. Money was very scarce in 1939 – 25 cents to go see Alexander’s Ray Time Band – Sunday evening “light” supper at Methodist Student Organization for 15 cents. No car-No bike-we walked everywhere we went. Engineer’s ball the year’s highlight – saved for months to get enough to buy Fern a corsage. Great years!
We were both members of Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity.  
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