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Photo Album Name: Photos and stories from Married MU grads.

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The Baileys:  Keith '07 and Monica (Martin) '06

How they met:  We met when we both worked at MURR (MU Research Reactor). I was just starting Grad School and Keith was working to complete his undergrad. At least one of us was a Mizzou student for the first 4 years of of our marriage!

Favorite memory:  We are so proud to be Mizzou alums - our favorite memories there are connected to Tiger football and spending time on our beautiful campus.  
The Bolands:  Rob ’07 and Beth ’08 (Leinauer)
Married:  August 6, 2010  
Renkoski-Lidgett: Nicholas '07 and Liz '07  To be married: October 16,2010  We met our senior year at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, IA. We bonded over many things but the fact we both were going to Mizzou in the Fall was exciting.   
Renkoski-Lidgett:  Nicholas '07 and Liz '07 To be married: October 16, 2010 
Over our four years there together we loved tailgating and football, sorority events, and especially Homecoming events every year. We still enjoy all of those activities but we experience them as alumni now. Our shared love of Mizzou isn't the only thing that keeps us together but it certainly is one of the many.  
The Carters:  Nathan '08 and Kristin (Dubuque) '07
Married:  May 30, 2009

One of my favorite memories was our first official date to El Rancho! We've have always loved tailgating as well. We used the Mizzou Fight Song as our grand entrance song in our wedding!  
The Carters:  Nathan '08 and Kristin (Dubuque) '07
Married:  May 30, 2009

We met during a recruiting event for Delta Sigma Pi, our business fraternity. After we found out we were both studying accounting, the rest was history!  
The Nortons:  Mackenzie (Spinner) '10 and Adam '10

Favorite Memory:  There are too many to name! Library study dates, Rec soccer, campus walks, athletic events, tailgates, etc. But a favorite memory is traveling down to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl on New Years and watching Mizzou beat Arkansas. 

The Alonzos:  Raymond '82 and Janet (Robey) '82

The Webers:  Robert '77 and Jill (Kaplan) '77

The Schreiners:  David '98 and Renee (Susa) '96

How They Met:  We met through Dave's fraternity  
The Grabaus:  Andrew '97 and Ashli '97 (Armstrong)
Married:  August 5, 2000
How they met:  During our freshman year (1993) we were set-up on a blind date for the Delta Gamma Holiday party.  
The Moormans:  Gilbert ’66 ’68 and Mary Jane ’68 (Robinson)
Married:  September 16, 1967
How they met:  We met for the first time on a blind date upon returning to school on September 16, 1966.  The date was arranged by Wayne Garrison who was one of four young men who shared the rent with Gilbert on a house on the east side of Columbia.  We enjoyed walks around campus in the Fall and Mizzou football games.  That was a great combination in the 1960’s.  
The Basalas:  Adam ’05 and Kristen ’04 (Kroha)
Married:  September 2, 2006
How they met:  Adam and I were both members of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity.
The Ratajs: Dan ’01 & Angela ’01 (Smith) 
Married: July 26, 2002
How they met: We met in grade school and began dating our senior year of high school.  Just a few months after we started dating, Angie left for MU.  After one year, we couldn’t take the separation any longer and Dan transferred.  We both graduated in 2001 and were married in 2002.  
The Lees: Darin ’97 & Alicia ’98 (Luczaj) 
Married: June 27, 1998
How they met: I sat behind Darin in Physics class in high school and he helped me with my homework!  I’m still pretty bad at advanced mathematical concepts, but at least he’s here to help me!
Favorite memory: Darin had planned to go to a different college, but I was set on going to Mizzou.  I told him this and he surprised me by secretly applying to Mizzou and getting accepted during the last few months of high school.    
The Johnsons: Jim ’69 & Diana ’68 (Drenon) 
Married: November 24, 1967
How they met: We met in a General Psychology class…a TV lecture in fall of 1965 in the Arts and Sciences building.  We were engaged at 12:01 am on September 30, 1966…between the 2nd and 3rd columns on Francis Quadrangle.  
The Browns: Marquis ‘Mark’ ’97 & Moya ’98 (Teo)
Married: October 6, 2001
How they met: We went on Spring Break to Panama City, FL together with a group of mutual friends.  Before we returned, Mark said he’d call, but he didn’t.  Well, let me clarify…he DID call…2 weeks later to tell me it wasn’t going to work out with us!  A least he was nice about it. 3 years later, our paths crossed again at a Mizzou Homecoming game, he apologized profusely for 3 years ago and we’ve been together since.  
The Hayes': J. Michael '66 & Judy '64 (Stanley) 
Married: October 16, 2004
How they met: My husband and I were close friends all through high school and while students at ole Mizzou.
Although we never dated, after all he WAS a sophomore, we were always special friends.  I met and married someone else, and I introduced Mike to his late wife, who was a Pi Phi sorority sister of mine.  Some 40 years later, Mike's wife had died and I had divorced, we reconnected and married last fall.  
The Austins: David '94 & Elizabeth '95 (DeBold)
Married: November 30, 1996
How they met: At a Beta Theta Pi/Gamma Phi Beta dinner exchange
Their favorite memory: Hanging out at Harpo’s and Field House, going to Shattered the night we met.  Football Saturdays!!!  
The Smiths: Stephen '78 &'82 and Ursula '80 (Adrian)
Married: August 5, 1978
How they met: He pithed my frog for me in physiology lab!
Their favorite memory: We were married just before my junior year in nursing school and two weeks before his medical school began, which means the first years of our marriage were ALL Mizzou, ALL the time. We shared his car and road the bus to Whitegate apartments. We would splurge on fried clams at the Heidelberg.   
The Weisers: Robert “Bud” ’58 and Sue ’59 (Beauchamp)
Married: Sept 6, 1958
How they met: Sue and I were both beginning sophomores in the fall of 1955.  I was living on the third floor in the big yellow house behind the Dairy Queen across from the J school on Strollway.  Sue was living across the alley on 7 Watson Place on the second floor.  Since my desk was in front of the window, I would look across the alley and could see this well built gal always wearing shorts.   
The Groves: David '93 & Keely '94 (Lujin)
Married: September 24th, 1994
How they met: We sat next to each other in a history class--Social Revolutions of Latin America--during our senior year.


The McDowells: Richard '78 & Diana '78 (Pfeifer)
Married: August 12th, 1978
How they met: Working at Denney's restaurant the summer before Senior year of high school.


The Youngs: Ronald '57 and Martha '69 (Carter)
Married: September 4th
The Schultzs: Tom & Nancy (Fertig)
Married: January 12, 1992
How they met: Introduced by Nancy's daughter, a Mizzou grad.  
The McConnells: Gary '81 & Sandra '71 (Odum)
Married: July 18, 1981
How they met: Met in Maxi's Bar on Broadway in Columbia in the spring of '79. He was finishing his first year of Law School and she was teaching at Jeff Jr. High. If her girlfriend hadn't talked Sandra into one last drink, they would never have met. Their son is now a senior at MU!  
The Hessings: Brock '60 & Shirley '59 (Turner)
How they met:His Sigma Chi brother and her Tri Delta sister decided to play matchmaker with Brock and Shirley Turner Hessing during their freshman year at Missouri.   
The Hartmans: J. Eric '95 & Brina '95 (Cassidy)
Married: September 6, 1997
How they met: An off-campus party July 30, 1992
Their favorite memory: Going to the Heidelberg for food after finals - meet there afterwards and have a great time.  
The Fajens: Michael '69 & Linda '68 (O'Malley)
Married: June 14, 1969
How they met: Met with friend to do an "overnighter" term paper at Linda's house, met Linda at 5 a.m. during a break.
Their favorite memory: Beer at the Hofbrau on Thursday nights.  
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