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Photo Album Name: The Student Voice of MU Since 1955

Business Manager Herbst, 1994  
Business staff 2000  
Page one circa 1976  
Someone ask the editor from 1968 if hash browns came with those pork chops.  
Bob Berry, editor 1958  
Maneater newsroom 1972  
Maneater door 1972  
1958 editorial staff  
Review of '58 Maneater in the Savitar yearbook.  
Maneater 1959  
Newsroom, Read Hall 1976  
1988 editorial staff  
Bruce, editor 1969  
Huffman and business staff 2000  
Diehl and student 1999  
Cal Fussman, inventor of the flying typewritter, 1977.  
Maneater 1994  
News Eds: Pennington, Cox and Cubbison 1969  
Maneater news staff 1969  
Maneater Photo Closet 1977 - Roloff, Photo Editor  

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