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Okay, a final word about Los Llanos and a correction about the Basque region of Spain.
And then some information about the latest with Venezuela and with the celebration of Carnaval in Mérida.
The third day our group split and some of us went with the younger tour guides to fish for pirahanas (they reminded me of a latino Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn).  How do you fish for pirahanas –well, with a wooden stick with string and then meat attached –only that these fish grab that meat within a matter o  
The anteater of Los Llanos - quite cute!

Keri, my Canadian friend, and I riding up on top of the Jeep!  
The German tourist in our group with a local guide and of course, the anaconda!
Hola again!– Happy Late Valentine’s Day and as I look at the calendar, I cannot believe it is almost March.  I will be going home in 2 months – a good thing (as I miss you all) but also a bad thing as I really truly am enjoying the time and experience here.  Anyway, here is some more info about the “fería” and also the latest update on the floods in Venezuela.

What more craziness did we get to enjoy in La Fería d  
A pirhana up close and personal!  
Hola all:)

Well, long time since the last e-mail.  (And don't worry - this will be short!).  I've been adjusting to life here in the "States" - seeing my med school class graduate (another year wait for me), moving to my new place in Columbia, starting school again and finally, yes, finally, getting that cell phone!  I believe my mom will be quite happy to get her cell phone back.  As things start to settle down and I have time off from school (quite long hours right now), I hope to start spe  
Another view of Salto Sapo - but from the other side!

Hola all-
Well, it’s been a long time since I feel I’ve sat down to write an e-mail and looking at the date, I can’t believe it’s already the middle of January – only 3 months left for me here in Venezuela.  In the past month, I’ve had quite the experiences – from experiencing Christmas and New Year’s to travels to many parts of Venezuela (the beach, Salto Angel – the highest waterfall in the world, and La Gran Sabana – on the eastern sid  
A view of Salto Sapo - the waterfall in The Last of the Mohicans  
A view of one of the saltos or waterfalls in Canaima before heading off for the 3-4 hour trip upriver to Salto Angel.  This boat is typical of what we took - with a guy in front looking out for any danger, such as the rocks, and a guy sitting in back with the motor.  Most guides were local Pemon Indians.
La Gran Sabana - a view about 1 hour north of the Brazilian border  
Pan de jamón  
Hallacas - the guiso in the bowl and in the corn mix, the corn mix, the olives, oil and the final wrapped product!  
Left to right - me, Keri (English teacher from Canada), Charity (teaching English but hoping to do a Master's here in Latin American politics or Women's Studies), Millitza (Venezuelan student), Jailynn (English teacher from the States) - Night out!  Eating at a Mexican restaurant - we ate fried plaintains topped with meat and a sauce similar to guacamole.  
Yuli and me on her 44th birthday!  
In the hotel's discoteca with the couple from Barcelona at the left, the two men from Madrid, the woman in the center from Barquisimeto (a city located in the center and in the west of Venezuela) and me  
The Venezuelans enjoying their time on the beach - Helen's mom is in front and then Helen is the second from the left in the back.   
The beach with windsurfing and kitesurfing  
The beach of our hotel (Hotel Dunes)! Amazing!
A picture of the northern point of Margarita Island where our hotel was located
A view in the road on the way to Los Nevados
A view from the second station of the cable car ride from the Andes moutnains and including the frailejons (yellow flowers)  
A view of Mérida from the cable car
Hola all-

Christmas is definitely around the corner.  The decorations are up, the large and decorative Nativity scenes are seen in most stores, businesses and houses and the smell of banana leaves from the popular and traditional Venezuelan Christmas dish, las hallacas, is infiltrating the city.  School sessions for Venezuelan students end soon and that’s when the real Christmas traditions start though.  Thus, in the next few weeks, as I experience the many traditions of Venezuelan Christmas   
View from Los Nevados (small village in the Andes mountains close to Mérida)  
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