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Photo Album Name: An online journal of the everyday life of a Study Abroad student.

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This is the entry way of the Berliner Rathaus. It's really a very nice building on the outside as well, unfortunately outdoor pictures don't really turn out at night. 
On any day of the week here, you can find flea markets like this one somewhere in the city. You can find almost anything you could want at these things. I was just wanting to buy a bike. I found one that I liked too, but the jerk selling it wasn't wanting to negotiate on the price at all.

Other than class, last week was pretty uneventful. I've been spending most of my free time getting my final paper for my Geography class out of the way, so I can stop worrying about that finally. It's my onl  
The winter here has really turned me into a hermit. In a way it's good since, I'm actually getting my work done like I need to, but on the other hand, I was hoping to explore a lot more of Berlin, since I have so much more free time now. It's just so cold and gray here that it's hard getting the motivation to do anything. I really just hate this time of year. I can't wait for it to start getting warmer. The first time I came to Berlin was in the summer when I was 16, and it's a completely differ  
Here's Eric and me out at a club in a Magdeburg. We haven't talked to each other too much since we've been in college, but it's kinda cool how we ended up studying abroad so close to one another. 

So we decided to really stand out as Americans in Berlin and have a 4th of July barbeque in the park. It was a great time and my friend Sarah's mom, who was visiting, even brought American flags for us to have for the occasion.  
I feel kinda special being able to say I was at one of the Live 8 festivals. The one in Berlin was in Tiergarten (equivalent of New York Central Park). It was fun, but it was insanely crowded there.  
After the boat tour, it was back to the IES center for the barbeque. One thing this made me realize was how many of the Spring semester students on my program I never got to know.   
Part of the farewell celebration after IES classes were over with was a boat tour on the Spree. Definitely a great way to see the city.  
This is the Chinese garden in <i>Erholungspark Marzahn</i>. They are creating gardens of the world here, but this and the Japanese one are the only ones finished at the moment.  
For my art project, I needed a picture of something in every district in Berlin. This is <i>Rathaus Schöneberg</i> (Schöneberg city hall) where John F. Kennedy gave his famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech. The square in front of the courthouse is actually named after him now.  
This a small section of the massive Berlin <i>Botanischer Garten</i>. It took me over an hour to get there from my place, but it was well worth seeing the amazing plant species from all over the world.

Still being in class in July is really messing with my head. I think I would be fine if I were at home and it was a summer session class I was in, but the fact that it's still my winter semester is really confusing. But by this time next week, I will be done with classes in Germany. The only th  
Since I've done all the touristy stuff in Amsterdam, during the day while I was just walked around and explored the city.  This is a statue of Rembrandt in the park that I would spend most of the afternoon lounging around in.  
This past weekend I went to see the Berlin Thunder first game of the season (NFL Europe).  I didn't think Europeans really got into American Football, but there were some pretty crazy fans there.  I can't wait to go to my next one.  
This is me and my long-lost friend Meaghan from freshman year.  I still can't believe I ran into her in Amsterdam of all places.  
This is the venue where the festival in Amsterdam took place.  The name of it translated it Milky Way and I had an amazing three nights there.  
Well after a much needed six-week break, it's back to class at IES Berlin.  As you may remember, I was back in the US for the first three weeks of my break, which was nice but a little strange at the same time.  It was like everything was familiar to me but at the same time it wasn't.  I don't know how to explain it really, but regardless I was still happy to see my friends back home and my family again.  About the last week I was home though, I was ready to come back to Germany.  When I got bac  
The Prada party was at the old Stadtbad (city pool). The people here are actually standing in the pool itself. I thought it was a really cool place to have a party. I just can't believe I got into such an expensive one for free. 
These are my friends after we left the club. From left to right it's Alyson, Sarah, Luka, and Chris. Luka is from Lithuania and the others are from the States. 
We went to the Russian Disko at midnight, which is early for going to a club in Berlin, and the place was packed. It made it a little difficult to dance but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. 
So I have now survived my first semester in Germany. I can't believe it's over, even though the past couple weeks it didn't seem like it was going to end since I'd had so much work to get done. Now I get to just sit back and relax until I fly back to US on Wednesday. I can't wait. I've met some great people here and I really love the city, but I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and family back home. My flight home is actually on my birthday, so I'm going to be celebrating my 21st birthday   
I wish pictures at night would come out better. We were trying to cross the St. Charles Bridge here, right before midnight. Unfortunately, the sea of people that were also on there started getting pushed back and I got in the rush and almost separated from everybody. People weren't lying when they told me Prague is a madhouse on New Year's Eve.   
Spending the holidays away from home wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was feeling pretty homesick on Christmas Eve, but fortunately I wasn't alone. Max, my conversation partner, invited me to spend Christmas Eve with his family, which I thought was incredibly nice of them. We went to church, then back to his dad's apartment for dinner, gifts, and singing Christmas carols. I had a great time, but I just wish the batteries in my camera hadn't decided to die at that point. It was re  
I stumbled across this as we were looking through the Christmas market in the square. I didn't think people did such intricate wood cravings, especially the size of this.  
Of course we had to have one last weekend of craziness together before everyone left. I've had a lot of fun this semester, especially with Chris, Sushil, and Kirill (from right to left after me). It's going to be strange not having them around anymore.   
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