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Photo Album Name: An online journal of the everyday life of a Mizzou freshman. Fall 2004.

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Valentines day is next week and I decided to send one of my friends a package. This is just a picture of what was included in that package minus the card.
This was the final destination after the long trip home.  It will be nice sleeping in my bed again for the summer. 

Going through finals week is a different process for everyone.  I thought it would be super hard and I would be stressing out like most people do, but I didn’t.  If you study and start a little early, the process will be less stressful on you and you will be more prepared that way.  It will also give you more confidence in knowing the material you are about to get tested on.  So  
This is a picture of my roommate on the left (Elliot) and of one my suitemate Cullen.  My other suitemate Brian was already home before I got a chance to get his picture also.  Rooming with all of the guys went pretty and I could not complain.  I was glad to have a positive rooming experience during my first year.  Cullen will be graduating this year and will be applying to medical school and Elliot is going to school closer to home.  
I think most people know that is the arch in St. Louis.  This is on the long drive back home to Chicago.  With only a stop to eat and to fill up for gas, I was home around 9:30 last night.   
Me and some of the guys getting a study break in and playing some whiffle ball.  I am getting ready to step to the plate.  According to our whiffle ball rules, I hit a triple off the wall.  I came a few inches short of getting it over the wall.  The team composed of myself, Drew, and Nick won 11-8.  
This is my first attempt at getting everything together.  Although I have nothing packed in those bags yet, I am making an attempt at it.  By the end of the week, everything was packed and ready to go.  
Finals week is finally over, although it was a short one for me.  I only had three finals and was done by Wednesday.  I feel I did pretty well on my International Relations and my Ethics test.  Econ is another story, that test was pretty tough.  I can only hope I did well, but I will have to wait and see.  Everyone gets a fresh new start now, once school starts up in August again.
Most of the week was spent hanging out and saying bye to friends.  It was a good thing I was done with finals on We  
This is a picture of Jessica and me hanging out.  I like this picture and wanted to put it on here, because I thought it was a good picture of us.   
There was a fire baller performing in the parking lot near one of the stages at the Big Free on Saturday.  I wish I would have gotten a better picture of him, but my friends and I were on our way back to the dorms when we saw him.  
It was a pretty down week school wise.  I got a paper back in English and a test in Ethics.  I was very happy with the Ethics test, because I did pretty well.  The English paper was a different story.  I was pretty frustrated with the grade, but I am working on revising it so I can get a better grade.  Only one week of classes left before finals.
It was a pretty bad weekend for my favorite Chicago sports teams.  The Bulls got dominated in their playoff game and the Cubs lost two of three to Hou  
Jordan and Emily rooting on DG last Saturday at the Greek week games.  At this time, were watching DG and their partners playing volleyball.  The games were fun to watch and were there for most of the day.   
Something Corporate is coming to town this weekend at The Blue Note.  I’m excited I finally get to see them.  I always seem to miss them whenever they played shows back home.  
This is from the last NIT game at Mizzou arena.  This is a picture of the Depaul huddle.  Drake Diener played really well and I believe had about 30 points.  It was tough to see the seniors lose their last home game.  
The new book I just started reading for fun.  It is called Moneyball and is by Michael Lewis.  It is really interesting so far and I can’t wait to finish reading it.  
It has been pretty busy since coming back from break.  I had quite an adventure getting back here, but I managed to make it back.  I had a paper to write, another to revise and some reading to do.  This week I have a Psychology test and Economics test to study for.  I hope they won’t be too bad.

It was opening day on Monday for the Chicago Cubs.  I was so excited that baseball was finally here.  The Cubs won 16-6, it was a great game.  It was also the last game of the NCAA tourney, which Nort  
I bought a couple of books at the bookstore recently. I have had a chance to start either of them, but I am assuming they will be interesting. I saw the movie “Friday Night Lights,” so I decided I wanted to get the book to see how the events of the movie were changed.  
Yes, believe it or not, what is on the ground is blue Astroturf. Drew and Zach decided they wanted something on the ground and decided they wanted Astroturf. I am not sure why they exactly chose blue, but I think it is kind of cool.  
The girl to my left is Rachel, she is in my fig. I gave blood for her last week. After I came back from the show on Saturday, Rachel and her roommate, Lori surprised me with cookies. The cookies tasted great, and sad to say they will be gone pretty soon.  
The week started off long, but ended quick. I had a test on Tuesday that I studied for a lot, and I think I did ok. There was not much else going on academic wise this week, which I did not mind at all.  I have a test coming up in history next week, and that's about it. The next week should not be bad at all school wise either.

The big homecoming game is this week against Oklahoma St. I am really excited for the game, because it should be a good one. I am also excited to get to see the Mizzou  
During the brief period of snow we had last week, a large group from the dorms got together and had a snowball fight. It was lots of fun and surprisingly not that could outside even though it was snowing.
Lindsay and I down on the second floor waiting for a Gumby’s pizza the girls had ordered.
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