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Photo Album Name: An online journal of the everyday life of a Mizzou freshman. Fall 2004.

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Being an athlete, sometimes meet schedules cause conflicts with school and we end up taking tests on the road.  This is me and a few other teammates taking a psych test in the breakfast room of Days Inn in Lawrence, Kansas.  
Being a California girl, I'm still amazed at the rolling hills and actual cute little farmhouses scattered throughout Missouri.  This is some of the beautiful Missouri scenery we got to see on the drive to kU.  
It seems so strange to me that I've already gone on my first travel meet as a college athlete!  This is my roommate Katie and I on the bus, driving to Lawrence, Kansas, for Big 12 Relays and a dual meet against Texas A&M.  I would show you a picture of the pool, but I would feel bad for whoever built the pool and managed to accidentally capitalize the “k” in kU on the wall of the kU natatorium.  
Now that I've shown pictures of swimming, I feel compelled to show pictures of the Mizzou dive team!  They have been working incredibly hard this year and should have a great season!  This is Rachel, our only freshman girl diver, executing a great dive.  
One of the major differences that I've noticed between swimming and diving (besides the obvious ones) is that divers can go a few years without training seriously and still be good.  Case in point:  school record holder Jamie Sweeney.  Even though he's been out of the sport for a few years, he's still a great diver and really pushed Mizzou's current divers.  
I swear my life is spent over here.  This is Shelden Academic Resource Center, which is where the Mizzou athletes have study hall.  Athletes meet with tutors, mentors, and study.  It's a great resource that I am so grateful to have!  
Ah, laundry, one of the simple pleasures of college life.  As much as I would complain about laundry back home, I find it surprisingly relaxing to just sit in the laundry room and do homework.  The only problem is when the laundry room is so relaxing that I start to doze off….  
I was out and about one night and I thought this was just the most beautiful picture of Jesse Hall.  Its so nice to be able to walk around campus and see such beautiful scenery!  
The weather was amazing over Labor Day weekend.  Katie (my roommate) and I were being very smart and making sure that we drank enough water so we didn't get dehydrated due to the heat!  We both ended up getting a bit sunburned, but the weekend was so much fun and so worth it!  
Over Labor Day weekend, the Mizzou swim team has a tradition of going on a float trip and camping out that night.  Unfortunately we had to miss the first football game, but we had a great time bonding and relaxing before the season started.  Being from California, I've never been on a float trip in Missouri.  It was definitely an experience.  This is a picture of my shoes after I washed them when I got home.  As you can tell, the river and campsite were a little muddy.  
This is where I spend another large chunk of my time.  I'll admit it…AIM, email, itunes, iphoto, my ipod, and the internet have taken over my life.  I have become a slave to the technological world.  
Since I put a picture of me and two of my girls on here in swimsuits, here is a good picture of the three of us in our last time hanging out together before we leave for school.  I've become very nostalgic lately, now that my time to leave is looming.  I've been calling random old friends that I haven't spoken to in several years, just to say hi.  There's a lot more that I'm going to miss about California than I ever realized.  
Meet Shannon McCarthy, 
MU Freshman. 
Hometown: Los Angeles (Valencia), California. 
Age: 18. Major: Journalism. 
Hobbies: Swimming, theater, singing, dancing, and reading
Why she came to Mizzou: The great school and education, the awesome athletic program (She's a member of the Mizzou swim team), the “college town” atmosphere of Columbia, and of course, the Shakespeare's Pizza!
Parents: Shawn and Gina McCarthy  
Here I am, starting on my first race since I broke my arm.  While I didn't go any best times, I did do extremely well for early season.  It was nice to be able to get back in the water and race again. The meet was incredibly close for the women (111.5 to 110.5, in favor of the Gold team) and made for a very fun and exciting meet.  By the way, my team won!  Go Gold!  
Getting mail in the dorms is like Christmas.  Several of my friends from back home have surprised me with mail this past week.  There is no greater feeling than opening that little mailbox up to find an envelope waiting for you!  And to my friends who have sent mail, it is very much appreciated!  (Hey Cass, turn left!)  
One thing that I've noticed about living in the dorms:  sickness travels fast.  About half of my hall (and a large percentage of the athletic department) has been sick with a cold of some sort over the past few weeks.  Luckily, the sports med care at Mizzou is great and they provide us with excellent NCAA-approved medications to make sure we get healthy fast.  Unfortunately there is no cure for the common cold, so many of us have suffered through it for about 7 days, but I think the stranglehold  
I finally made it to my first Mizzou football game as a student!  Mizzou played Colorado in the “Gold Rush” game.  It was such a fun game and it was great to hang out with the different athletes in the student section!  The game was close, but that kept it fun and the Tigers pulled out the win in the end!  Way to go, Tigers!  
This is a picture of our 3 women's' captains, Becca, Anna, and Lindsay.  Every Wednesday after our weekly team meeting, the freshman class treats the upperclassmen to dinner at either Dobbs or Plaza 900.  You'd be surprised as to how nostalgic the upper class girls get towards dining hall food.  I think it may have something to do with those awesome chocolate chip cookies.  
This is a picture of the last men's event, the 400 Free Relay.  In a come from behind victory, Dan Buhr managed to out touch David Darmitzel by the slimmest of margins.  While many people were watching for the finish of that race, a great many people were also cheering on two of the divers who had chosen to fill spots on the relays.  Although the score wasn't as close as the women's, it was still fun to watch the men compete and race.  
Mark Spitz is a swimming legend.  He won 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich.  He is tied with Matt Biondi for most decorated U.S. male swimmer in Olympic history (11 medals total.)  Here's a little background to explain the next portion: my dad is a cameraman for KABC-TV in Los Angeles.  I interviewed Mark for KABC-TV when their intern didn't quite make it to the pool.  Not a bad first interview subject for an incoming broadcast journalism major!  
In case you've been hiding under a rock, 2004 is an Olympic year.  Being a swimmer from Southern California, it was almost a requirement to attend the 2004 U.S. Swimming Olympic Trials held in Long Beach, CA.  For the first time in U.S. history, Olympic Trials were held in a temporary, above ground, outdoor pool.  The facility was incredible!  There was seating for 10,000 spectators and, along with fantastic views of the pool from every seat, great views of downtown Long Beach, the Queen Mary, a  
Graduation!  Finally, 4 years of hard work have come to an end, only to be greeted with 4 more in college.  High school was an unforgettable experience, from the friends to the dances to the athletics, and lets not forget those things we call teachers and class!  Here I am with my assistant principal, Dr. Collyn Nielsen (left), and my principal, Mr. Gary Fuller (right), a few minutes after my class of 621 graduated.  
My friend, Kara, decided to prove that 18 is still a kid, so for her 18th birthday party, she had a little kid party, complete with pin the tail on the pig (which I won.... go me and my ability to find an x on a painted pig while blindfolded!), nursery rhyme competition (I was quite surprised to find how many I remembered!), and twister.  In this picture, I am fiercely battling for a place in the semifinals of the twister tournament (its truly amazing how handy long limbs are while playing that   
Summer Welcome was a blast!  The Summer Welcome leaders were so great about knowing everything about Mizzou (although I will admit it… a lot of the info was in one ear and out the other after a while…) My favorite part about Summer Welcome was definitely Revue.  The show was put together really well and was quite enjoyable!  
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