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Photo Album Name: The 13th annual review of the primary student organizations at Mizzou.

Calvert Collins, Greek Chronicle Editor-in-Chief
Senior, Broadcast Journalism
Shawn Borich, ASUM Board of Directors Board Chair
Junior, Political Science  
Nathan Brummel / Mark Beard
Graduate Professional Council President / Vice President
4th year medical student / 3rd year medical student  
Amy Cross, PanHellenic Association President
Senior, Business Management  
Ben Renkoski  / Laura Piper, Summer Welcome 2005 Coordinator
Junior, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering / Junior, Communication Science & Disorders 
Hillary Miller / Jenn Stuth, Summer Welcome 2004 Coordinator
Senior, Advertising Journalism / Senior, Chemistry   
Karen Kopff, Savitar Editor
Senior, Communications  
Matt Terry, Student Athletic Board President
Junior, Political Science & History
Patrick Buckalew / Colleen McMahon
Residence Halls Association President / Vice President/Speaker
Soph., Pol. Science & Music / Senior, Psychology

Tanisha Montgomery, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc., President
Senior, International Marketing  
Courtney Suthoff, MU Student News Editor-in-Chief
Junior, Journalism  
Yavonna Brown, 2004 Department of Student Activities Director
Senior, History  
Andrea Smith, 2004 Department of Student Services Director
Senior, International Retailing  
Nick Trusty, 2004 Department of Student Communications Director
Sophomore, Philosophy
Nathan Souza, President Marching Mizzou
Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies  
Sarah Larimer, Maneater Editor in Chief / Austin Craddock, Business Mgr.
Junior, Journalism / Senior, Journalism   
Meggan Marberry, Legion of Black Collegians President
Junior, Business Management  
Jason Smith, KCOU General Manager
Senior, Pschology/Art  
Rob Edwards, Alumni Association Student Board President
Senior, Journalism  
Damon Ferlazzo, 2004-05 MSA Speaker, Sophomore, Political Science  
Kara Heppermann, 2004 Missouri Students Association Vice President
Senior, Biology & Psychology  
Brian Laoruangroch, 2004 Missouri Students Association President
Junior, Political Science  
Jeff McCurry, Interfraternity Council President
Senior, Business Management  
Ryan Smith / Sara Germano / Michael Churm, Homecoming Tri-Directors
Junior, Magazine Journalism / Junior, Advertising Journalism
 Sophomore, Accountancy
Melanie Lambert
2004-05 STRIPES Director
Junior, Journalism-Advertising

Dale Thuet, Assistant Director
Senior, Business Management  

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