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Advisory to users of smartphones and other mobile devices (iPad, tablet PCs, etc.):

While at home, we often take all of the functionality of our mobile devices for granted, but when travelling abroad the occasional emails you receive and videos you view can quickly cause you to incur a large bill.  Most standard data plans charge additional fees for international data roaming that can quickly add up (as an example, current European data roaming rates would cost you roughly 40 cents for a text-only email, or $40 for a three minute video clip).  If you plan to take your smartphone (or other device) abroad with you, consider the following tips:

-          In addition to charges while abroad, international rates often apply while on cruise ships as well.

-          Turn off data roaming, cellular data, or any features that automatically download data to your phone.

-          Utilize wireless hotspots when available.  Data roaming charges apply only to data sent and received on the cellular network.

-          Contact your plan provider before you travel.  They can answer questions about turning off roaming either on your phone or disabling it on your account entirely.

-          If you need to have data roaming active, ask your plan provider about their international data plans. 

For more information on using your smartphone or other mobile device abroad, check out the articles below:



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