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Faculty, Staff and Retirees

It's My Mizzou

Make a Gift to Mizzou

No matter the size, every gift counts

Your gift to the It's My Mizzou annual campaign can support any school, college, program or project you desire. Every gift — in any amount — can make a big difference, particularly for students. Your gift can help provide students with scholarships and financial aid, superb faculty, state-of-the-art equipment and valuable opportunities to participate in internships and research.

Join other faculty, staff and retirees in making a gift or pledge by payroll deduction. This way, you can spread your gift out over several months or pay all at once. You can also make your gift by check or credit card.

Your participation in the It's My Mizzou annual campaign will show friends and alumni that Mizzou is able to provide the best education from the heart of the nation because our own outstanding faculty and staff believe in Mizzou.

Thank you, for all that you already do. Imagine what we can accomplish together.


Establishing a pledge is a popular way to make a specific commitment to Mizzou that is to be paid over time.

You determine the pledge amount, the designation of the gift, the period of time over which the pledge will be paid, and the frequency of payments. Mizzou will send a pledge reminder each time a payment is due.

Mizzou Payroll Deduction

Utilizing automatic payroll deduction is an easy way for Mizzou faculty, staff and retirees to support the mission of teaching, service and research at the university. The support of faculty, staff and retirees sets an excellent example for all alumni and friends of the University. Thank you for sharing your talents and your resources.

Contributions may be made to any area of the university. If you have questions about current giving or need additional information, please call 573-882-2134 or e-mail

If you want to make a contribution to Mizzou through payroll deduction, please print and complete the form and send to Mizzou Gift Processing, 407 Reynolds Alumni Center. Contributions through payroll deduction begin the first available pay date after the form is received and processed.


Simplicity and ease of delivery are the major factors that make checks a popular type of charitable gift. To send a check, please complete a gift form and mail it with a check payable to the University of Missouri to:

Mizzou Gift Processing
407 Reynolds Alumni Center
Columbia, MO 65211

Questions? Call 573-882-2134 or e-mail

Credit Card

Mizzou accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards for payments of gifts and pledges.

To make a gift using a credit card, you can give online or download and print a gift form for credit card payment.

When you make a gift to Mizzou, you will receive an official receipt by mail. Please check the gift receipt carefully to verify the gift amount and the programs to which you designated your gift.

Questions? Call 573-882-2134 or e-mail

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts provide future support for the university and may often be made without any immediate financial impact to the donor. For detailed information regarding endowments, testamentary gifts and gifts that give back, visit the Gift Planning and Endowments page.

  • Bequests. Designating a gift in your will or trust is one of the easiest forms of planned giving. Care should be exercised in the wording of a bequest in order to ensure that the donor's wishes are fulfilled. The Office of Gift Planning and Endowments provides sample bequest language to assist the donor and his/her attorney in drafting. A donor may also name the university as the beneficiary of a retirement plan or other financial account.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities. A plan in which the donor transfers cash or other assets to Mizzou in exchange for its promise to pay an annuity for life or for a term of years. Charitable Gift Annuity rates are based on the age of the donor, and are very favorable. After the annuity payments end, the balance goes to support the program or purpose you have designated.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts. When a donor transfers cash or other assets to a charitable remainder trust, these funds are invested, and quarterly income from the trust is paid to the donor or to others chosen by the donor. When the trust is terminated, the remaining funds are transferred to the university.

Questions? Call Gift Planning and Endowments at 1-800-970-9977