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Student to Alumni Transition, Part Four

Instant Connection

Sommer Henderson, BA ’10, an account executive for group and season ticket sales for the Royals, remembers feeling nervous before attending her first chapter event soon after moving to the Kansas City area, but she felt an instant connection to everyone in the room. “Anybody I meet who says they went to Mizzou, they are my instant best friend,” Henderson says.

Within a year, she was on the board of directors of the Kansas City Alumni Chapter. Now, as the social committee chair, Henderson is planning the upcoming Welcome Home to Kansas City event.

“It’s way too easy to say Mizzou was the best four years of your life and then forget about it, and the longer time passes between graduating and getting involved, the less likely you are to get involved,” Henderson says. “Mizzou gave me so many opportunities, and I want to do the same.”

Programs and services for young alumni are made possible through the support of MAA's more than 42,000 members.

“All of the things you got to experience as a student, so many of them are made available through alumni through their time, talent and donations,” Reeser says. “To be able to take what you learned and experienced and to be able to stay engaged and help provide that opportunity for the next generation is a good goal.”

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For Zach Sharp, BS ME ’16, every stage in life has had an obvious next step, from elementary school to middle school and high school to college. “At this stage, there is no obvious next step,” says Sharp, who has considered everything from pursuing an environmental engineering internship to serving as a Mizzou admissions representative. Wherever he ends up, Sharp hopes the Mizzou Alumni Association can help him keep track of where people go once they leave Mizzou. “A lot of people I know, when they leave, they're gone,” he says. “The biggest thing I really see Mizzou being able to offer new grads is a chance to maintain the relationships they've made while they're here.”


The Mizzou Alumni Association is always looking for the best ways to serve the specific needs of our alumni. That is why we are developing targeted programs, services and special offers just for young alumni who graduated within the past three years. Be sure your membership is current, and check out the latest updates about Ol' Mizzou.

Learn more about the MAA Young Alumni Program.

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