How Membership Benefits You

Your association membership provides you with the following loyalty rewards and services:

MIZZOU Magazine

Receive three issues of the award-winning magazine each year. The magazine covers achievements of the University of Missouri and stories of current students, faculty and alumni.

Chapter Membership

You are automatically enrolled in your local alumni chapter, and a portion of your dues are allocated to support chapter activities. If no chapter exists in your area, contact the association for information about starting a chapter.

School/College Membership

You also automatically become a member of the alumni organization of your school or college. A portion of your association membership dues supports these activities and events.

Flat Truman

The exclusive paper doll of your favorite Mizzou Tiger.  

Tigers in Training

An exclusive program for members in the MAA with a child 18 and under.

Tax Deductibility

Based on advice of our counsel, we believe 100 percent of your annual membership dues and 75 percent of your endowed life membership dues are deductible for federal income tax purposes. You should consult your personal tax adviser concerning the deduction you may claim for dues payments made to the association. Student membership is not considered tax deductible.

Career Services

Market your skills and explore new career opportunities by networking with other alumni in your field. The MAA holds plenty of events worldwide to make these opportunities possible!

Mizzou Rec Admission

Get a workout at one of the most touted recreation facilities in the nation next time you visit campus! Mizzou Alumni Association members are allowed a one-day visitor pass to the Mizzou Rec facilities for the low price of $10 (plus tax). This pass can be used once a month. Please have your photo ID and membership card handy upon arrival. 

Campus Privileges

MU graduates who are MAA members have borrowing privileges at the MU Libraries*.
*Privileges are given only to MAA members who have graduated from MU. MAA members who have graduated from MU will be able to check out monographs from all of the MU Libraries. This does not include interlibrary loan, MERLIN/MOBIUS loans or access to databases off campus. Non-graduate alumni or friends of the university who join MAA can purchase a library card in addition to their MAA membership. 


You receive a full-color wall calendar featuring campus photos and dates of upcoming alumni events and campus activities. Members are also encouraged to submit their favorite campus photos for future calendars!

Discount Program

Retail and service businesses nationwide offer members special discounts. In addition to campus privileges, members are also entitled to discounts on lodging, apparel, entertainment, business, relocation services, professional services, health care, home accessories and transportation.


As a member, you can receive a 10-to-15-percent discount by showing your membership card at the Mizzou Store (formerly University Bookstore) and the Tiger Team Store (at Memorial Stadium). Save on all Mizzou clothing, gifts and MU insignia items. The association periodically offers carefully selected merchandise exclusively to members or at special member discounts. Check your mailbox for these opportunities or return to our website.

Join the Mizzou Alumni Association.

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